About Gallery 400

Gallery 400’s mission is to be a contemporary art hub for social interaction, transformative experience, and multi-dimensional learning. Creating a place to connect, Gallery 400 actively positions its exhibitions and public programs as opportunities with which to build community and as avenues for learning in informal social settings. Operating within the College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts at the University of Illinois at Chicago—the largest and most diverse urban public university in Chicago—Gallery 400 endeavors to make the arts and its practitioners accessible to a broad spectrum of the public and to cultivate a variety of cultural and intellectual perspectives.


The Gallery has a wheelchair-accessible entrance and elevators. Art & Exhibition Hall, where Gallery 400 is located, is an older building with many documented instances of elevator functionality issues. If you experience issues with the elevator upon entry, please notify Gallery 400 staff at 312.996.6114 or building manager Chris Markin at 312.413.1001. To confirm there are no barriers to accessibility on the day of your visit, please call 312.996.6114 or email gallery400@uic.edu.


Gallery 400
College of Architecture and the Arts
University of Illinois at Chicago
400 South Peoria Street (MC 034)
Chicago, IL 60607


Tuesday through Friday, 10am-6pm
Saturday 12-6pm and by appointment
Admission to the gallery is FREE.


Phone number: (312) 996-6114
Fax number: (312) 355-3444
Email: gallery400@uic.edu